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Emeralds and fine jewelry from someone you can trust

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My name is Lee Miles, and I want to introduce you to Mister Emerald. We are not some faceless company in a virtual location, but a real source of natural emeralds and fine emerald jewelry with decades of experience, located in Cartagena, Colombia.

Emeralds are scarce, and most unusual. They don't lend themselves to mass production, which is why you don't find them everywhere. Our goal is to provide you access to better emeralds in an environment of absolute trust and transparency.  You won't be pressured.  We offer real quality, and you can see the difference.

Come in and get to know us. Click here to send me an email.

At the shop in Cartagena we offer emeralds mounted in 18-karat gold and in sterling silver. All the emeralds are natural stones, bought loose; we do all the designing and mounting. Every piece is hand made, unique, and backed by solid guarantees and certification.

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