What Next?

If you are simply interested in emeralds take a look through the links on the home page: "More about Emeralds", "About us", etc. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Click here to send me an email.

If you are coming to Cartagena on a cruise ship in the next few months, let me know. You might also want to take a look at the Map. Before you leave for the cruise make sure that you print out your copy of the Preferred Customer Coupon, and send a copy of the coupon to those people that will be traveling with you. You might also read through the information on private tours. On the sister site of Destination Cartagena there is much more general information about Cartagena.


If you are coming by land or air, or are already in town on a visit, please call for an appointment. I can pick you up at your hotel. If you wish to contact me ahead of time, feel free to send me an email.


If you want to purchase loose emeralds or jewelry directly, please get in touch. In addition, keep returning to these pages, as we will be adding photos and more access to the merchandise that is in stock. With modern communications it is entirely possible that we work back and forth by email to make a custom piece of jewelry for you that exactly fits your tastes and budget. Want to look at our jewelry? Click here.